Student register & Student portraits

Silvia Fernandez

My favorite part about the program is the combination of professional and personal development within a creative and cooperative working environment. For me, choosing Munich was about the faculty doing research here. Since the beginning, I am involved in fantastic state-of-the-art research and I have met great visiting researchers from top programs in the world. On a personal level, living in one of the coolest cities in Europe is another bonus. There is always an activity for any taste, and finding yourself in nature is just a matter of minutes. I especially love the mountains surrounding the city, which offer unforgettable hiking and skiing experiences. I highly recommend the MGSE to students interested in spending the week doing great microeconomic research, and the weekends in the Alps!

Mehmet Ayaz

© Tobias Hase

I am genuinely happy that I chose to study at Munich Graduate School of Economics. It has contributed a lot to me academically and personally. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in Turkey, I knew that I wanted to learn more about economics. Therefore, I applied to a few master's programs throughout Europe, but MGSE was my clear favorite. Luckily, I got accepted for a master's program here. I am happy that it has turned out even better than my expectations. The curriculum links theory and practice very well, and it also involves many possibilities to carry hands-on research. Also, the faculty members are easily reachable and very supportive. On top of all, Munich is an excellent city for students with a great social life.

Student register

Name Email Organization unit
Abou El-Komboz, Lena Ifo Institute
Adelowo, Jacqueline Ifo Institute
Andermann, Lara Department of Economics
Andres, Leander Ifo Institute
Ayaz, Mehmet Department of Economics
Berger, Julius Ifo Institute
Bertermann, Alexander Ifo Institute
Bützer, Sascha MGSE
Buontempo, Gabriele Department of Economics
Canessa, Stella Ifo Institute
Casper, Jonas Department of Economics
Chargaziia, Lasha Ifo Institute
Cho, Jae Hyun Department of Economics
Choudhary, Keshav MPI - Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
Cordes, Charlotte Department of Economics
Costa, André Department of Economics
Dirnberger, Regina Department of Economics
Du, Zaichuan MGSE, CSC Fellow
Fernandez Castro, Silvia Department of Economics
Formella, Carolin MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Fourné, Friederike Ifo Institute
Fuß, Hannah Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre
Gatsou, Margarita Ekaterini Department of Economics
Greska, Lena Department of Economics
Grosenick, Amelie Department of Economics
Gsell, Sebastian Department of Economics
Gstrein, David Ifo Institute
Haas, Martin Department of Economics
Hager, Sebastian Department of Economics
Haller, Carina Ifo Institute
Hasselqvist, Anna Ifo Institute
Heil, Philipp Ifo Institute
Hofbauer Pérez, Maria Department of Economics
Johannes, Robert MGSE, Sohmen Fellow
Khalid, Schanzah Department of Economics
Kloiber, Kevin Sohmen Fellow
Koch, Felicitas Ifo Institute
Koch, Theresa MGSE
Kreyer, Ann-Christin MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Kumanomido, Hiroshi Sohmen Fellow
Lanschützer, Michael MPI - Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
Leffler, Tim Department of Economics
Leitner, Moritz Department of Economics
Lindlacher, Valentin Johannes Ifo Institute
Mamrak, Robin Department of Economics
Mirabella, Carla Department of Economics
Morgalla, Ulrike MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Niedermaier, Anne MGSE
Noske, Nikola Ifo Institute
Obraztcov, Pavel MGSE
Opitz, Timm MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Pannier, Manuel Department of Economics
Popova, Anna Department of Economics
Quint, Marcel Department of Economics
Redler, Peter Department of Economics
Reichel, Friederike Department of Economics
Reiter, Sarah Ifo Institute
Rhee, Jinju Department of Economics
Rude, Britta Ifo Institute
Rujan, Cristina MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Scheckenhofer, Lisa Eva-Maria Ifo Institute
Schüle, Paul Ifo Institute
Shi, Yixuan MPI - Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance
Shugliashvili, Teona MGSE
Stöckli, Marc Ifo Institute
Strandt, Helene Department of Economics
Todorovic, Jelena Department of Economics
Überfuhr, Thomas   MGSE Alumni
Wallossek, Luisa Department of Economics
Wantuch, Kornelia Department of Economics
Weber, Lukas MGSE
Wedel, Katharina Ifo Institute
Weishaar, Daniel Department of Economics
Wernsdorf, Kathrin MPI - Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
Wikman, Ida Department of Economics
Wochner, Timo Ifo Institute
Wolf, Gerome Department of Economics