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We are internationally recognized for our standardized program while still offering various field courses to allow students to choose their individual paths. Within four years, our mentors guide our doctoral students to become the best in their fields. Finance yourself via staff contracts at the Department or our research institutes, or apply for scholarships. We do not charge additional tuition fees!

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Why chose MGSE?

Headed by director Professor Dr. Carsten Eckel, the MGSE is supported by the members of the faculty at the Department of Economics and by professors from other departments of the LMU Munich. The department's professors and more than 50 researchers cover a broad range of topics within economics. The faculty represents a vivid mixture of young and well established economists, many having built up their reputation doing research work at top universities abroad.

The MGSE is the umbrella organization for the training of young scientists at the faculty and various research institutions located at the Munich site.


The MGSE is part of the Department of Economics at the LMU. The department is ranked among the top 10 economic educational institutions in Europe (around the top 30 globally according to Times Higher Education and the Tilburg Ranking). It is highly reputed for its theoretical and empirical research in combination with relevant policy issues.


Renowned senior faculty conducts research at the highest international level. In addition, there is a very strong group of more than 20 junior faculty.

There are many interfaces, close collaboration, and international networking opportunities that spur research. The international guest programs do their part to generate an extremely fertile research environment for MGSE. For an overview of the vibrant research activities there is a weekly research newsletter, including the activities of all MGSE institutions.

Students benefit from the quality of research and teaching by the Department of Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU), while living in the attractive city of Munich.

To each new member two mentors from among the senior faculty members are assigned.

In the course of the first year the doctoral student then chooses the supervison committee consisting of two members of the Senior Faculty and one junior mentor (from among the members of the Junior Faculty of the faculty). The first year mentors can but need not be members of the supervision committee. Between doctoral student and the supervision committee a supervision and mentoring agreement is concluded.

The supervision and mentoring agreement specifies rights and obligations of supervisors and students and serves to document the regularly held counselling meetings.

Each year, an impressive number of guests are visiting the faculty. Not only the program of research seminars is enriched by guests. All members of the senior and junior faculty regularly invite partners of their research network, coauthors and collaborators.

Furthermore, the CES Visiting Program hosts accomplished economists from universities across the world throughout the year. CES Guests usually also offer a short CES Lecture on their specific research topic. A set of 11 of these short lectures – topics may be choosen freely – are part of the curriculum of the doctoral program.

Doctoral students benefit from the opportunity to meet these guests and present their research projects to them in various settings. Contacts made here often lead to conference invitations and research stays.

Placement Record

The MGSE has a strong placement record for its students in the academic job market (examples in the last couple of years include Oxford, Toulouse, Stockholm, Leuven, Mannheim), the governmental sector (e.g. ECB, IMF, Bank of England, Bundesbank, EU, ministries), as well as in the private sector.

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Job Market

MGSE supports Job Market candidates by offering specific training and dedicated funds for travel expenses.

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Silvia Fernandez

Why pursuing your PhD at the MGSE? Here, our students are explaining, why she decided for our program, how their daily life looks like and how they picture their future.

Our student Silvia for example loves the faculty, but also the city and its surroundings. She highly recommends the MGSE to students interested in spending the week doing great microeconomic research, and the weekends in the Alps!

Read more about what she and others have to say about studying at MGSE.

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About the Program & Application

The MGSE Program aims to equip doctoral students with analytical tools for independent research. It offers rigorous training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics, allowing specialization in areas like public economics. Soft-skills courses prepare students for academic and industry careers. Weekly seminars foster critical discussions and networking opportunities with international guests. Over 200 dissertations have been completed under MGSE's guidance.

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Job Market Candidates

Have a look at our Job Market Candidates which are currently available for new positions nationally or internationally.

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This page includes a series of questions that are commonly asked by our students and cover topics including Application, Formal Requirenments and Financial Issues/Scholarships.

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