Institutions and Networks

The MGSE is the umbrella organization for the training of young scientists at the faculty and various research institutions located at the Munich site.

Department of EconomicsA doctorate is often financed through an employment contract as a research assistant at the Department of Economics. The position offers rigorous training in research and teaching, the central building blocks for an academic career.
Egon-Sohmen Graduate CenterThe ESGC is devoted to the financial support of the most excellent young scholars in the field of economic science.
ifo InstituteThe Ifo Institute is a European think tank that forms a bridge between academic research and public discourse. Doctoral students will be working at one of the eight departments at the Ifo Institute.
Max Planck Institute for Innovation and CompetitionThis MPI focuses on fundamental research pertaining to innovation, entrepreneurship and competition. Particular research areas are industrial organization, intellectual property, science policy, economics of innovation and new technologies as well as the regulation of competition mechanisms and behavior.
Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public FinanceThe MPI studies the functioning of governments, challenges, and opportunities for reforms. Thereby modern public economy concepts and methods of economic theory, econometrics and experimental economics are applied, especially in the analysis of incentives in the relationship between private economic agents and the government.

All doctoral students from these institutions conduct their research and their doctoral studies under the doctoral regulations of the Faculty of Economics.


The Department of Economics is affiliated to a large number of renowned research institutions and networks from which doctoral students at the MGSE can benefit enormously. They can widen their academic horizon, discuss their ideas, meet distinguished scholars, receive additional funds and join a lively and international research community in economics.