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For both Bachelor's and Master's students, we have established excellent partnerships with universities in Europe and around the world.

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From the very beginning of my studies, I planned to include a semester abroad. The "Exchange Office" of the Economics Faculty was a great help, and I quickly decided to pursue my plans in the United Kingdom. Our faculty has many exciting partner universities.

Ultimately, the decision to go to Warwick was not difficult. Although the university is relatively young, having been founded in 1965, Warwick is one of the UK's top universities, especially in Economics!

Additionally, the campus makes it easy to settle in quickly at Warwick. One thing becomes clear right away: the university is much more than just studying. Warwick has over 250 student-led clubs, so there's something for everyone! These so-called "Societies" organize many social events, ensuring that you quickly make connections and feel comfortable at Warwick.

However, the weather can be typically English and very changeable. My tip: always carry an umbrella with you – just in case!

What is it like to live and study in one of the oldest university cities in the world? With over 80,000 students in the city, you can feel the vibrant student life at every corner. Bologna is the perfect university city—big enough to always have new places to discover, yet small and familiar enough that you always see a familiar face on your way to class.

Studying here is a lot of fun: the courses are very practical, and there are often group projects, which helps you make connections quickly. After lectures, we often meet up in one of the many squares for a drink and a slice of pizza. Someone pulls out a guitar, and a wonderful atmosphere fills the air—Bologna combines the charm of more well-known Italian cities with an authentic sense of life.

Later, the whole city comes together in the countless restaurants and bars, where young and old, locals and exchange students meet. Bologna is a place you can't help but fall in love with.

My exchange semester in Sweden included all the clichés like going to Ikea, enjoying Fika, and daily sunsets at 3 am; however, what particularly fascinated me about Stockholm was the calm atmosphere of the city. I still don’t know if it was the soothing water in and around the city, the tranquil nature close to Stockholm, or just the Swedes who seemed to be very relaxed about basically everything (the cold, exams, etc.).

In terms of academics, I not only learned Matlab, but also to take reading lists seriously. My courses were more metrics-focused and reading-based than what I was used to. I also had to get used to addressing professors by their first name, but it was nice that the smaller classes allowed for very interactive courses.

During my stay, I lived in a dorm with 3,000 students which was a huge contrast to the calming atmosphere of the actual Stockholm city. Having its own supermarket, gym, etc., almost made the dorm a city itself. Living there, my exchange semester was never boring!