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Tabea Braun

The MQE program offered me many opportunities. After studying in Innsbruck, I was glad to once again study in a small cohort, in which students know each other well and in which students have close knit contact with faculty members. I started in the midst of the Covid pandemic and courses were held online, which was challenging, but I am thankful for the support that I received from my mentor, our program advisor and fellow students. Apart from my studies I worked for the Max Planck Society. I got important insights into the publishing process when I was asked to revise referees’ comments, and to add requested statistics to a paper that my mentor had submitted. As a research assistant, I also prepared lectures and did literature research. After a year, I made my way to study at UC Berkeley as an exchange student. I currently take PhD courses in Econometrics and Public Economics taught by leading professors in their field, and I enjoy listening to presentations in research seminars.

James Lloyd

The MQE program at LMU Munich is a great option for students looking to gain real experience in research during their studies. When I was applying to graduate schools, I found that while many programs offer teaching positions, the MQE was one of very few which ensures its students have the opportunity to work as research assistants; gaining real first hand research experience. Combined with flexible field courses and an excellent selection of research seminar courses, the MQE was the perfect program for me to help build my research skills.

Martin Haas

MQE combines the freedoms and benefits of a PhD in an excellent and demanding MSc program. After laying a firm methodological and theoretical foundation in early semesters courses, the MQE program enabled me to choose my own field courses and research projects together with mentors from senior and junior faculty. This proved to be an ideal way to develop and pursue my own educational path and career goals. Students interested in this program should know that the freedoms and benefits of the MQE program are enabled by your active involvement in this development.