Frequently Asked Questions MQE

If you cannot submit your GRE results by the given deadline, you will receive the invitation to the test of admission in Munich. If you submit your GRE results by the date of the test of admission at the latest, we can proceed with your GRE results and you do not need to take the test in Munich.

The Transcript of Records is sufficient for the application. The Transcript of Records has to be certified by your examination office. Please note that we will issue a binding letter of admission only after you will have sent us a copy of your bachelor's degree certificate.

For the application at our department it is not necessary to provide apostilled documents.

Applicants who present a detailed offer by another recognized master's program, may ask for an early decision of the selection committee.

For the enrolment at LMU you will definitely need your (final) bachelor's degree certificate; exemptions are not possible.

First of all, it is important that you carefully deliberate what kind of program you are looking for.

  • While the master's program in Quantitative Economics (MQE) is the right program for you if you look for a quantitatively very challenging program preparing you for an advanced research career,
  • the master's program in Economics (MSc Economics) is right for you if you are looking for an excellent preparation for an international career as an applied economist.

Hence, the two programs are NOT substitutes, but have very different requirements and will exhibit very different modes of instruction.

Yes, applicants can apply for both programs.

We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE a double degree in both courses of studies. The compulsory modules of both programs differ fundamentally; reciprocal credit transfers are not possible. As the structure in the electives is different in both programs, too, reciprocal credit transfers will not work for the electives, either.