Course and Workshop Program

Enhance your scientific career

Junior Faculty will have access to a diverse set of training elements, either specifically designed and offered by the Program or provided by the MGSE or by LMU centrally:

  • Research and Scientific Progress:
    good academic practice, technical skills, support with grant writing (including access to sample grant proposals), career planning, academic as well as non- academic job options, application training (presentations, CV, website).
  • Communication:
    writing and presentation skills, didactical and rhetorical skills, specific communication training for interactions with the media.
  • Management and Leadership:
    management, mentoring, and leadership skills, work-life balance, soft skills and effective communication.
  • Ethics Committee, Research Data Management:
    understanding administrative processes, organizing a conference – 1⁄2 day workshop (w/CESifo Staff).
  • Framework program:
    exchange with peers, ifo & department experts, external stakeholders, Alumni (e.g. fireside chats).

Beyond these training options, the Program will support an annual Junior Faculty Retreat. Moreover, at the beginning of each academic year all new arrivals will be introduced to the Faculty in a dedicated kick-off event.

Details Course and Workshop Program

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