Vacancies and internships

In addition to the information about job offers, you can also search for offers at the Volkswirte Alumni Club (VAC) or at the Student Office. Some offers that are not sent to us electronically can be found posted in the Student Office display cases (Schackstr. 4/entrance area on the ground floor). Participants in the Student Newsletter can also conveniently receive offers from supporting members of the VAC by e-mail.

Job offers

Economists are in high demand on the job market - employers particularly value the fact that economics graduates have learned to think analytically and strategically. Economists can be employed almost anywhere and, with their strong analytical skills, are often superior to graduates of related disciplines.

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Internship offers

Internships are an important prerequisite for a start in professional life. Although they are not compulsory in the degree program, we highly recommend that you complete at least one internship during your studies and will be happy to provide you with information on internships, including of course corresponding offers from companies.

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Student assistants jobs

Vacancies for student assistants outside LMU and at LMU

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please check our German Website

Contact for companies

Of course, we will be happy to post your job offers online. The contact person is the Student Office, to whom you are welcome to send corresponding offers simply by e-mail

For supporting members of the Volkswirte Alumni Club (VAC) we also offer the possibility to send offers via our student newsletter. As contact persons for a sponsoring membership, please contact our colleagues in the VAC. Please refer to your sponsoring membership when sending the offer, if applicable. Thank you very much.